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I'm a seventeen year old witchy girl from Canada, and this is my black and white side blog.

**trigger warning**
I do not promote any form of self destruction.
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Tangled In the Great Escape - Pierce The Veil (feat. Jason Butler)
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During the late 60s and early 70s, Montreal was the scene of a series of gruesome murders. The horrors began in July 1968, when the naked corpse of a twenty-one-year-old schoolteacher named Norma Vaillancourt was found in her Montreal apartment. The victim had been raped and strangled, and her breasts savaged by bite wounds. Just over one year later, the killer struck again, raping and strangling another petite young brunette, then shredding her breasts with his teeth. It wasn’t until his third atrocity that police finally got a lead. In November 1969, twenty-one-year-old Marielle Archambault met the same grisly fate as the previous victims. Searching her apartment, investigators found a crumpled snapshot of a nice-looking young man. Marie’s coworkers at a downtown jewlery shop were able to identify him as a guy named “Bill” who had stopped by the store to chat with her on the day of her murder. Two months later, the “Vampire Rapist” - as the newspapers were now calling him - struck again, raping and strangling twenty-four-year-old Jean Way, the subjecting her corpse to his trademark mutilation.
With the police on his trail, the phantom killer decamped for Calgary, twenty-three hundred miles away, where he murdered his final victim, a young schoolteacher named Elizabeth Porteous, in May 1971. Interviewing Porteous’s friends, police learned that she had been dating a man named “Bill” who drove a blue Mercedes. Spotting a car matching that description parked just a block away from the victim’s apartment, police set up a stakeout and apprehended the owner as he approached the vehicle. He turned out to be twenty-three-year-old Wayne Clifford Boden. His cuff link had been found in the shredded remnants of Elizabeth Porteous’s dress as her body was being transported to the medical examiner’s lab. Boden admitted that he had gone out with her the night of her murder, but he insisted that she had been alive when he left her. At his trial, however, a forensic odontologist established beyond doubt that the bite marks on the victim’s breasts could only have been made by Boden. Convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the Calgary murder, he was subsequently tried again in Montreal and given an additional three life sentences. He passed away in prison in 2006.
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A Day To Remember - All Signs Point to Lauderdale

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Mike Fuentes // Pierce The Veil
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 Seeing Eye
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